About us


 Beaconhouse School System

Southern Region

North Nazimabad Primary – IV

As a global network, Beaconhouse aims to give students a quality education with modern techniques of technology, real life skills and make them aware of the global community. With its rigorous standards which promote up to date teaching skills and its range of challenging programmes, the Beaconhouse School System brings success within the reach of every student.

Beaconhouse Primary Branch 4, North Nazimabad was established in 2006. It is a co-educational school located near Ziauddin Hospital. The school is well equipped with a Library, Play Area, Art Room, Music Spot and an I.T Lab with 14 computers that meet latest system requirements.

Our students are aged between 6 – 11 years placed in grades I – VI. In our school children enjoy enriched learning, participates in online, national & international competitions, engage in collaborative projects, art contests, tournaments and other various curricular & co-curricular activities. We have high standards of academic triumph and are moving towards global education.

Contact us through:

i10_address    Address:  F- 78, Block – B North Nazimabad Karachi

phone-clipart-5     Tel:  +92 21 3664 3007

foldermail     Email:  dr.arfa.zeeshan@beaconhouse.edu.pk

About    URL:   http://www.beaconhouse.edu.pk,    http://www.beaconhousetimes.net

download    https://www.facebook.com/pages/Beaconhouse-School-System-North-Nazimabad-            Primary-IV/648841645160747

Satellite Location Map:

NNP4 map


10 comments on “About us

  1. Hello, I want my daughter to get admission in this school. Plus we can’t afford the fee, is there any way out? I would be very thankuful for this kind act.
    Thank you.

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