World Literacy Day

Education in Minds!

The world marks Literacy Day on September 8th every year. This day highlights the importance of literacy for everyone. To impart this awareness, NNP – IV organized an Essay Writing Competition for class V on topic “Education is necessary to shape child’s future” and Poetry competition for the students of class IV on theme, “Education is for all”. Young writers and poets of our branch came up with bright ideas to promote education in every sector.  Class VI had a Skype session with an educationist, Ms. Amra Alam, the editor of magazine “The Flying Saucer”. Students prepared their questions prior to the session and actively participated in the discussion. She motivated children to bring a change through positive acts & writing. She appreciated them and said, “I am hopeful that children’s enthusiasm will ultimately make them a good citizen.”


4 comments on “World Literacy Day

  1. Thank you Farheen.
    Skype session with the children was a wonderful experience. Their enthusiasm was an inspiration for me too. I could very well see some emerging writers very soon. Uran Tashtaree The flying saucer is waiting for some interesting stories written by these children. May Allah bless this country with good and educated citizens. Amen

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